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Best toys for 2 year old


Building blocks can help develop fine motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity. This classic wood block set includes 100 solid-wood blocks painted bright red, blue, yellow, and green. A versatile variety of shapes are included: rectangular prisms, cubes, cylinders, half circles, arches, and two different sizes of rectangular planks and triangles. A set of wooden blocks provides an opportunity for a child to pass the hours constructing towers, castles, towns, and more; Designed for children ages 2 and up, this set offers the opportunity for younger kids to practice their fine motor skills and experiment with the laws of physics while giving older kids an outlet for their creativity. Parents will appreciate the safe, durable construction. Though they’re made of solid wood, these blocks are light in weight, which makes them safer for small children. The blocks have rounded edges and a smooth painted finish that won’t splinter with play. Our wooden building blocks set is designed for kids entertainment but also introduces early math concepts, and helps children develop good patience and strong motor skills

Shape sorters:

Shape sorters help teach colors, shapes, and problem-solving. Smooth Blocks The blocks’ surface and edges are smooth, have a good tactile feeling, and protect the kid’s delicate hands well so that your baby will not get hurt. Powerful Storage Capacity These building blocks can be easily stored in the box, providing you with convenient storage options and a safe and straightforward way to carry them. Kid’s toys are an excellent design for use at home or on travel. Wood Shape Matching Each shape of the building block has a corresponding shape hole, different colors and shapes are matched, which can exercise the baby’s hands-on ability, fine skills, and space imagination.

Push toys:

Push toys that move and make noise can be a lot of fun for 2-year-olds and can also help with balance and coordination.
Classic World Learning Walker has a sturdy base and a unique design that makes standing and pushing a breeze. Includes sorting blocks, a simple puzzle, a xylophone, a clock and cogs. It’s perfect for children aged 12 months and above, to help development and build confidence. A very well made walker which is stable for children who are already quite confident on their feet. The front provides lots of manipulative fun and we liked the fact it is without gadgets. The shape sorter at the side is appealing and we found the tray became the favorite place for children to put special toys and transport them around the room. A very attractive product which is durable

Play kitchen:

A play kitchen with pots, pans, and food can encourage imaginative play and help with hand-eye coordination.

Stuffed animals:

Soft, cuddly stuffed animals can be comforting for a 2-year-old and can also help with language development as they learn to name and talk about different animals.

Musical toys:

Musical toys that play songs or make noise can be entertaining and can help develop a sense of rhythm and sound.

Play tents or tunnels:

Kids love crawling through tunnels and hiding in play tents. This kind of toy can encourage gross motor skills and imaginative play.

Puzzles: Puzzles with large, easy-to-grasp pieces can help with hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and cognitive development.

Water or sand table:

Playing with water or sand can be a fun sensory experience for kids, and can help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Ride-on toys:

Scooters, balance bikes, and other ride-on toys can help with balance, coordination, and gross motor skills.

Play dough or modeling clay:

Kids love to squish and shape play dough, and it can help with fine motor skills and creativity.


Reading to your child is a great way to encourage language development and a love of books. Look for books with simple stories and colorful illustrations.

Remember, when choosing toys for 2-year-olds, it’s important to consider their developmental needs and interests. Toys that encourage creativity, imagination, and exploration are often the most engaging for young children. And always supervise your child while they’re playing with toys, especially those that involve small parts or potential hazards.

It’s important to choose toys that are age-appropriate, safe, and encourage development and exploration. Always supervise young children when playing with toys, and follow any age recommendations and safety instructions provided by the manufacturer

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